Faculty Committee


Requirements: Five (5) upper-division courses (20 units)

A. One course from each of the following three rubrics plus a fourth course from the list below from any rubric:

  1. Perspectives from Religion, Philosophy, Literature and the Arts:

    CLA 141: Militarism and Hegemony in Asia and Greece
    CPLT 115: Modern German History through Film
    CPLT 132: Rousseau and Revolution
    CPLT 134: Cinematic War Memory
    ENGL 135: Modern Irish Literature
    RLST 116: Religion and Violence
    RLST 174: Power of Nonviolence
    RLST 175: Religion and Human Rights
    RLST 176: Peace and War
    THEA 191J: Staging the Middle East
    VNM 162: Vietnamese Literary History

  2. Social Scientific Perspectives:

    ETST 111: Ethnic Politics; Practicum in Social Change
    POSC 123: Conflict Resolution
    POSC 124 or 124S: International Relations
    POSC 129: The Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
    POSC 142L: The United Nations
    POSC 150: Human Rights in Theory, Law, and Politics
    POSC 159: The Armed Forces and Politics
    POSC 160: Globalization and Underdevelopment
    POSC 169: Terrorism and Political Violence
    SOC 122: Social Change
    SOC 135: Conflict

  3. Historical Perspectives:

    HISA 114: The American Civil War
    HISA 135: The Civil Rights Movement, 1950-1970
    HISA 162: Twentieth-Century Latin America
    HISA 165: Modern Brazil: State and Society
    HISA 166: Modern Argentina: Democracy and Dictatorship
    HISE 145: World War I
    HISE 146: The Second World War
    HIST 184: The Vietnam Wars
    MCS 173 (E-Z): International Cinemas
    POSC 125: United States Foreign Policy since WW II
    POSC 162: Latin America: The Quest for Development and Democracy

B. Capstone course; one from the following:

PCST 190: Special Studies
PCST 197: Research for Undergraduates
PCST 198I: Individual Internship in Peace and Conflict Studies