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A few examples of careers in Peacemaking and Social Change. Peacemaking job is any job that does not harm others and that promotes cooperation and the building of a just society.

Use art to communicate about important political and social issues; provoke people to think about them. Skills needed: Natural talent; formal art education can help.

Community Organizer
Work for a group trying to change conditions in your community. Do something about issues like housing, racism, pollution, poverty, discrimination and war. Skills needed: Talent for getting things done; ability to work well with others; knowledge of issues.

Work to create economic justice for all; study world economics and advise policy makers on how to remove the economic causes of war. Skills needed: College degree.

Health Professional
Become a paramedic, a doctor, a nurse, or other health care worker and bring better medical care to others. Skills needed: Depending on career: vocational certificate, junior college or advanced college degree.

Job Counselor
Help people find the means to earn a living. Skills needed: Special training; college degree helpful.

Research, uncover and write about local and world problems and bring them to the attention of others; help inspire people to take action. Skills needed: Writing talent, interviewing skills; college/special training not required but helpful.

Legal Professional
Defend the rights of individuals and work for justice in the legal system. Skills needed: Depending on career: vocational certificate, lower college degree, or advanced law degree.

Help improve the legal and political system by working to pass better laws. Work for policies that promote peaceful solutions to international conflict. Skills needed: Organizing skills, ability to work well with public, creative mind, knowledge of system.

Become a trained mediator and help resolve disputes between and among individuals, families, businesses and labor. Skills needed: Patience, fairness, positive attitude; vocational training.

Help find a cure for diseases like AIDS, sickle cell and cancer. Skills needed: Interest in science; advanced college degree.

Political Canvasser
Work as a petition circulator to put issues on the ballot; or go door-to-door as a canvasser for groups like Greenpeace and the United Ways. Skills needed: Ability to work with public and communicate clearly; positive attitude helpful.

Help improve the environment by working for a company that recycles metal, paper, plastics or other products. Skills needed: Different skills can be useful, from strong physical abilities to management skills.

Solar Installer
Help reduce our dependency on oil, coal and nuclear power by working for a solar energy company. Skills needed: Plumbing, electrical, carpentry skills.

Help improve the educational system; teach the next generation of young people how to improve their lives and the world. Skills needed: Patience, creative mind, some college required.

Union Organizer
Work for better wages, a healthier work place adn labor justice. Skills needed: Organizing skills, strong commitment to representing fellow workers, knowledge of trade or business involved.

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