Background of Forrest S. Mosten

Woody MostenForrest S. Mosten has been in private mediation practice since 1979.

Mr. Mosten is in constant demand as a master mediation trainer for basic courses, advanced courses,individual
supervision for practicing mediators, and training other conflict resolution trainers. He is popular presenter at mediation and law conferences throughout the world.

In addition to his work as a neutral, Mr. Mosten maintains an active practice as a family lawyer representing clients in divorce, pre-marital agreements, and complex issues in property, support, and parenting issues after divorce. The California State Bar has recognized Mr. Mosten as a Certified Family Law Specialist. Mr. Mosten does not accept engagements that involve court appearances. He practices with a collaborative and problem solving model and has trained Collaborative Lawyers throughout the world and serves as a negotiation and mediation consultant for other family litigators.

Mr. Mosten has been named 2008 Super Lawyer by Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine and as one of the top 25 Family Mediators in California by the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

Mr. Mosten has been given two major awards by the American Bar Association: A Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovations in Legal Access by the ABA Section of Delivery of Legal Services; and the Lawyer as Problem Solver Award by the ABA Section on Dispute Resolution.

Mr. Mosten teaches mediation as a member of the faculty of the UCLA School of Law. He also teaches in the Dispute Resolution Program at Pepperdine School of Law.

He has taught at USC Law Center, Hamline School of Law, Whittier School of Law, SMU, and University of San Diego School of Law, and was Director of Clinical Education and law professor at the Mercer School of Law.

In addition to training mediators, lawyers, therapists and organizations worldwide, Mr. Mosten has published numerous articles on mediation and is the author of The Complete Guide to Mediation (ABA, 1997) and Operating a Profitable Mediation Practice (1998). His newest book, Mediation Career Guide, was published in 2001 has been a bestseller on Amazon in mediation since its release.

Mr. Mosten is recognized as the "Father of Unbundling" for his pioneering work in promoting Discrete Task Services for lawyers to play a major and effective role in mediations. His ABA book Unbundling Legal Services: A Guide to Delivering Legal Services A La Carte was published in 2000. He served as a Keynote Speaker at the first national conference on unbundling in October 2000 in Baltimore.

Mr. Mosten has also been credited as the inventor of the Client Library and the Confidential Mini-Evaluation, and as an authority on preventive law, including the use of the Conflict Wellness/Personal Legal Check-Up, first developed by Mr. Mosten’s mentor, Professor Louis M. Brown.

Mr. Mosten was named 1999 Peacemaker of the Year and 2006 Conference Keynote Speaker by the Southern California Mediation Association, was awarded the Louis. M. Brown Conflict Prevention Award by the Los Angeles County Bar Association, and is the founding Chair of the Dispute Resolution Section of the Beverly
Hills Bar Association and recipient of its President’s Award for his work in mediation.

He currently serves as Chair of the ADR Committee of the Family Law Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and has been Executive Chair of the International Client Counseling Competition since 1989.

Currently, Mr. Mosten is actively engaged in a number of initiatives to increase the awareness and use of conflict resolution and prevention in our society. He is the Chair of the ACR Taskforce to establish a National Peacemaker Museum and is a key thinker and supporter of the movement to form a US Department of Conflict Resolution and Prevention. In 2006, the Southern California Mediation Association established the SCMA/Forrest S. Mosten Mediation Library Fund to set up citizen information centers on conflict resolution at institutions throughout Southern California. In 2007, the University of California at Riverside established the Forrest S. Mosten Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution Program to form an academic Minor Degree in this area of study, an annual Scholar in Residence and Lecture Program, and a student internship program. Mr.
Mosten will be the inaugural Scholar in Residence on May 6-7, 2008; his lecture will be"Peacemaking: From Kindergarten to the Middle East."

His innovations in mediation and legal access have been reported in the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the ABA Journal and many other publications throughout the world.

Mr. Mosten is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California, Riverside and received his Juris Doctorate at the UCLA School of Law. He is married to Dr. Jody Mosten, a Clinical Psychologist . He has a daughter, Jordana Mosten, age 23, and a stepson, Derek Grotzinger, age 25. He is a passionate golfer whose handicap ranges from 10 to 17, depending on his workload.